360º Tour through Street View

Step 1

Download the appGoogle Street View.

Step 2

Open the application.

Step 3

Click on the 'PROFILE' menu.

Step 4

Click on the camera symbol, then select the option CAMERA.

Step 5

Point the camera at the indicated points until the check symbol turns green. When it turns green, click on it.

Step 6

Wait until the 360° photo finishes uploading showing 'Ready to publish'.

Step 7

Tap and hold on the photo, a blue bar will appear above the photo, on the right side click on the 3 balls(...) and select the 'SELECT ALL' option. Finally click on the arrow symbol pointed upwards.

Step 8

Your photo will be sent to Google for review. Please check the app constantly to see if your 360° photo has been 'APPROVED' or 'REJECTED'.

Step 9

After being approved, just send us, by e-mail, the access link to your Tour and the place where you would like it to be placed on the Site.