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Criazi Sites is a company formed by highly qualified professionals who help to develop the computer market with technological innovations, seeing a promising and dynamic future. With an eye on that future, we ended up building a past, a present and an excellent path ahead with full responsibility and quality, ensuring the success of our products.

Criazi Sites is a company specialized in strategic planning and development of visual communication, using tools, intelligence, creativity and the latest trends.

Before starting any campaign, a good strategic planning is essential, where we analyze the competition, the habits of the target audience and the market to assemble a differentiated strategy that focuses on generating results, such as prospecting for new customers, publicizing the brand or any solution to current problems.

The company Criazi Sites is innovating and prospering in the job market with the objective of advancing the growth of all types of businesses, using Technological Solutions and Business Intelligence systems, thus obtaining worldwide recognition in the future.



The Company Criazi Sites is able to supply the needs of its customers, aiming at strengthening and disseminating them. With a system of technological solutions, the company provides its customers with total comfort and reliability, thus achieving the desired goals.


Being a reference company, recognized as the best option by customers, employees, community, suppliers and investors, for the quality of our products, services and relationships.


  • Integrity.
  • Appointment.
  • Human valuation.
  • About results.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Innovation.
  • Sustainability.