Create and Send Google Calendar link

You can add your Google Calendars calendar to your Site.

To have this function on your Site, just request it and send us the iframe link of your schedule.

Below the tutorial explanation of how to Create and Send Google Calendar link according to the attached images.

Step 1

Go to the website and click on the squares in the upper right corner;

Step 2

A box with several options will open, select the ‘SCHEDULE’ option;

Step 3

Log in with a GMAIL email;

Step 4

On the left side, near the “Add colleague schedule...” field, click the plus sign ‘+’;

Step 5

A box with some options will appear, select the option “New Schedule”;

Step 6

You will be taken to a new page, enter the “Name of your Calendar” (It can be anything at your discretion) and then click on “CREATE SCHEDULE”;

Step 7

On the left side, under the option “My schedules settings”, click on the schedule you just created;

Step 8

In the box “Access Authorizations”, check the option “AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC”;

Step 9

On the same page, from this to the end and look for the box “Integrate Agenda”, copy the code from the field “INCORPORATE CODE”;

Step 10

Just send us the copied link and your schedule will already be posted on the site.