How to install ESET Online Scanner and Log

Step 1 - When opening the ESET Online Scanner Website, click USE NOW.

Step 2 - Run the installer that appeared in the lower left corner.
Step 3 - Click Run.
Step 4 - Click Start.
Step 5 - Click I accept.
Step 6 - Click Start.
Step 7 - Select the "No thanks, not interested" and "Enable feedback system" options. After selecting, click Continue.
Step 8 - Select the Quick Scan option.
Step 9 - Select the option "Enable solution to detect and quarantine potentially unwanted applications". After selecting, click Start scanning.
Step 10 - Wait for the program to download the module update.
Step 11 - Wait for the program to scan.
Step 12 - After the program finishes scanning, click Save scan report.
Step 13 - Name the txt file to "scan1" and click Save. NOTE: Save to an easily accessible location on the PC, such as on the desktop.
Step 14 - Click Continue.
Step 15 - Click Continue.
Step 16 - Click Continue again.
Step 17 - Evaluate the program and Click Submit and close. After that, send us the created "scan1" log txt file.