How to install Malwarebytes o Log

Step 1 - Open the Malwarebytes Website, click on FREE DOWNLOAD.

Step 2 - Click on the installer that appeared in the lower left corner.
Step 3 - Click Run.
Step 4 - Choose your language and click OK.
Step 5 - Select the "Personal computer" option and click Continue.
Step 6 - Click Agree and Install.
Step 7 - Click Finish.
Step 8 - Start the Malwarebytes program, you can start it by clicking on the shortcut created on your desktop.
Step 9 - Click Let's Get Started.
Step 10 - Click Analyze Now.
Step 11 - After Analysis is finished, click Export Summary.
Step 12 - Select the option "Text file (*txt)"
Step 13 - Name the txt file "scan-malware" and click Save. NOTE: Save to an easily accessible location on the PC, such as on the desktop.
Step 14 - After that, close the program and send us the created "scan3" log txt file.