How to advertise on Facebook

Learn how you can promote your Company on Facebook

The number of people seeking information about how to advertise a company on Facebook grows every day, as this network gains more and more relevance in the social media landscape.

Another factor that has been increasing interest in marketing on Facebook is the fact that small and medium businesses are realizing that it is possible to promote their companies at relatively low cost on Facebook.

The big problem on this path is that many companies believe that managing a professional Facebook page is something close to managing a personal profile. Nothing further from reality than that.

If you enter a project to promote a brand on Facebook, the first step is to be aware that a page is one thing and a personal, cool and informal profile is another thing entirely.

The subject of the posts is different, the language and interactions are completely different. It's one thing to be in an environment to make friends, and quite another to be in this environment to do business.

So that you can get guidance on how to advertise a company on Facebook, correctly and in order to generate effective results in terms of doing business, we have listed some tips that will help you.


We can divide the business disclosure process on Facebook into six distinct steps:

• Knowledge of the concept behind Facebook Marketing;

• Strategic planning of the various marketing actions;

• Determining the audience you want to reach on Facebook;

• Content development for your actions;

• Building a quality fan base;

• Evaluating the return obtained on Facebook promotion actions.


If you want to know how to promote a company on Facebook, the first step is to know what is behind a Facebook Marketing strategy, don't you agree? Let's see.

Facebook marketing falls into the category of display marketing, meaning it's important to be in the right place, at the right time and with the right people to be successful with this type of outreach.

Furthermore, you need to not disturb the environment where your audience is. Display marketing requires contextualization of the message and this is one of the most important items of marketing on Facebook.


Planning your actions is a fundamental step for the success of promoting a company on Facebook, as it not only produces higher return campaigns, but also helps to save a lot of money.

You will need to design each step of your presence on Facebook. From creating and configuring the page to creating and interacting with your fan base, it should be detailed so that you can achieve integration between the various actions. I agree. fully that the operational stage of a project is much more exciting than planning. The problem is that without planning, in some cases, you don't even get to the operational stage.

So, invest as much time as necessary in researching and planning your Facebook fan page, as the result will come in terms of greater campaign efficiency and cost reduction with paid media.


The second step is to know in detail the audience you want to reach on Facebook, in order to make the most of the resources involved. Knowing how to advertise a company on Facebook is to know very closely who you want to reach.

If you go to Facebook, work this environment as if it were mass media, forget it, this is not the case. 'One of the keys to success on Facebook' is knowing how to target your content and ads to reach precisely the audience you want to impact.

By creating a Marketing Persona, a design of your target audience, you will be able to create actions and campaigns that will be more assertive and will bring higher conversion rates, thus maximizing the investment in this channel.


One point I always make clear to anyone who asks me about how to advertise a company on Facebook is that content is fundamental. It's no use creating a very well-configured and structured page if the content is weak.

As I said earlier, marketing on Facebook is a relationship strategy, and for this relationship to happen, it is necessary to create ties of affinity and involvement. This is where the issue of content becomes more present.

Create content that adds something to the day-to-day of your audience, something that is really useful and makes the audience remember that you gave the tip. Develop content that creates a real relationship between the brand and the audience it intends to reach.


Among the different sets of metrics in social media, there is one that I personally hate. It's the Vanity Metrics. In addition to not adding much to the business, they end up deceiving many people who think they understand social media.

Among the different sets of metrics in social media, there is one that I personally hate. It's the Vanity Metrics. In addition to not adding much to the business, they end up deceiving many people who think they understand social media.

What really matters in a marketing strategy on social media is the result that the actions carried out in these channels bring results. As the result is usually a function of reach and engagement, quantity is not quality.

Want to know how to get more fans for your page? Simple, make a good investment in Facebook ads,, the problem will be solved quickly. The problem is: Will this audience bring any return for the business?

So, if you want to know how to promote a company on Facebook, without wasting money and efforts on actions that won't yield you anything, build your fan base focusing on the quality of these contacts and not just the quantity.


To think that just because you have created a Facebook page your sales will skyrocket all of a sudden is pure illusion. Relationship marketing requires some time to mature in terms of results.

If you want to know how to promote a brand on Facebook and want to see these results quickly, I must warn you that this is not happening at this rate. In a realistic and conservative assessment, we can talk about three months until the numbers start to Between fan base building, page outreach campaigns, and Facebook relevancy through a higher EdgeRank, a factor that increases your Facebook brand awareness potential, there is a period for all of these actions to end. resulting in more sales and lead generation.

Create a good result tracking system, whether it's through your Facebook Ads Center or your site's Google Analytics, and you'll see results start to come.

It is clear that in a single article, as much as it has indications for others who also discuss issues about the disclosure of companies on Facebook, we cannot exhaust the subject, but we hope to have given a path to be followed.

Now that you have the main guidelines for those who want to know how to market a company on Facebook, we believe that your initial work will be much easier.

By Alberto Valle, director and instructor of Academia do Marketing