How to update your site

1st Step - Download the tool by clicking the button below to edit your website pages, and install it.

Note: The tool installed above will be used for the desired changes to the site.

Step 2 - Download the files from the site, by accessing the server. Check it out step by step for accessing the server:
Open any FOLDER on your computer.
Type in the toolbar “” and press “ENTER”.
Type in the Username and Password bar the data provided by the Group.
With the fields filled, click on the “LOGON” button
Access the “WWWROOT” folder where you will have access to the files.
You already have access to the files corresponding to the site.

Instructions for changes

1 – Copy the files corresponding to the site to a desired folder on your computer, to make the changes.

2 - After the files have been copied to the desired folder, click with the 'right button' on the file that will be changed, 'go to open with...', 'choose program' and select the editor installed at the beginning of the tutorial. [Php Editor]

3 - Make your changes through the editor, and save them.

4 – For the changes to be updated in the air, copy the changed files to the source folder (the one accessed, through login and password)

5 – Go to the website and check if the changes have been updated, if not, press 'F5