• Attention to malicious bills

The Creation Group clarifies that:


• We only send invoices by email financeiro@grupocriacao.com.br.

• We do not send correspondence with payment slips! All our slips are sent only by email (financeiro@grupocriacao.com.br).

• Be wary whenever you receive a payment slip with a value different from what you are used to paying or which was not agreed.

• In case of any situation call us Immediately on the phone 11 3499-7203 or on WhatsApp 11 94713-3884 and take your questions before paying the ticket.

• Or if you prefer you can access your account at the Client Center and Generate your boleto there with the login and password that are sent in your registration email (https://central.grupocriacao.com/).

Below is the financial information of the Creation Group:


To make sure that a boleto is legitimate from Registro.br, we ask you to check the guidelines described in: https://registro.br/boleto-malicioso.html identifying the beneficiary, issuing bank and number of the issued slips

In case of doubt, please contact us by e-mail financeiro@grupocriacao.com.br or contact our call center: (11) 3499-7203 | (11) 94713-3884.