Terms and Policies

1. General considerations

If you are reading this term, you are likely to want to know our policies regarding the use of the services, or have performed some action that you did not know as possible or permitted, or are just comparing with other hostings or still want to know your and our guarantees before purchase one of our services, and in this case when you complete the purchase you will certainly have agreed with all aspects contained herein. If you do not agree with any point in our terms and policies, do not proceed. We rigorously apply all the points present here, in order to offer everyone an excellent service.

These terms of service provision can be changed in order to adapt them to the reality of the market, as well as news or changes that are the result of a segment as dynamic as technology and particularly in the case of the Internet. Therefore, it is essential to keep updated on the terms and if at any time, you do not agree with any topic that has been changed or included, check the possibility of an adaptation or even the cancellation of your services.

Creation Group provides hosting services and services related to it, predominantly in a shared environment, through server infrastructure in Brazil and the USA, providing hardware and software necessary for hosting the domain and the various aspects that involve hosting, domains and the Internet, not including the means and resources necessary to access the services (Internet connection and access provider, hardware and software for access).

To provide its services, the Group uses services created and maintained by it or third parties. This range of services can be found on our website and can be altered, removed or extended without prior notice due to aspects of availability, viability, market and commercial interests of Creation Group.

When hiring any of the services listed on our website or in person, it is necessary to check the option by which you confirm that you were aware of this term and that you agree with all aspects contained therein. You will have in it all the details on which Creation Group is based to provide its services, defining our rights and responsibilities and those of our users. Therefore, the reading and understanding of the content presented here is essential for everyone to enjoy the best of the services, through a harmonious, transparent relationship based on clear principles.