How to prevent Phishing and email suspension

Phishing is a type of message that contains false information, sent to various people from email accounts set up on devices that have been infected by viruses or, in some careless cases, accidentally discovered passwords by the invader.

IMPORTANT: we need your cooperation to analyze if any of your devices is really infected with a virus and, if so, to completely eliminate the threat.

For this you need to send us a Print of the scan completed on your COMPUTER.

Therefore, run security programs such as antivirus or anti-malware. If you don't have an antivirus, the most popular are:



Scan regularly to ensure that problems don't happen or happen again.

If a new shipment is identified through the same email address after receiving the first notice, our system may automatically suspend your entire hosting account for an indefinite period. Thus, we maintain a good Hosting for everyone.

Below is a tutorial on how to install Avast AntiVirus

Step 1 - Click Avast Link Above and Download Anti-Virus
Step 2 - Run the installer that appeared in the lower left corner.
Step 3 - Click INSTALL.
Step 4 - Wait for the installer to complete the installation.
Step 5 - Click CONTINUE.
Step 6 - Click NO, THANK YOU.
Step 7 - Click RESTART NOW.
Step 8 - Click RESTART NOW again.
Step 9 - After restarting your PC, click on the Avast icon on your desktop to open the program.
Step 10 - Click on RUN SMART SCAN.
Step 11 - After the program finishes scanning, take a screenshot of the malware scanning screen with the "Print Screen" key or with the "Capture Tool" and send it to us.